Kid I Used to Know

by The Cheyenne Line

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released February 25, 2013


all rights reserved



The Cheyenne Line Chicago, Illinois

THE CHEYENNE LINE is an American Pop-Punk/ Experimental/ Emo group based out of Chicago, IL. The eminence of the group speaks through energetic live performances and their most recent/ debut release Kid I Used to Know EP; mixing raw 90’s pop-punk with experimental rock, forming infallible melodies and dramatic prominence. ... more

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Track Name: Sandbox

I guess its just that simple, things aren't the same as what they were and i'm begging for this world to stop and turn it's head, realize a fate that we're all dead if we don't change.
This kid I used to know had a sandbox that traveled places some people never go. The ghost of the girl next store planted love inside his chest and left it there to grow.
Not heirs to a throne. Are we still contenders for life's unknown or are we just bystanders to the things we lack to create? Do we even have stand a chance? Don't take this personal is what they say to me, So take this personal and Judge me.
Track Name: After You
After You

You say that I'm caught up in a moment, that I left to disregard this emotion swirling around my head, Leaving me with butterflies dropping dead in my chest. It sucks to realize that I spent the last few nights writing messages to my former self in hopes of bringing back what I had thought was lost so long ago. Cause you know some days just flow right through your soul…And its these late night drives home that make me remember it all. All the time I spent alone doesn't mean anything. So go ahead and peal me from concrete, cause after you thats all that will be left of me. Go ahead and peal me from concrete cause after you thats all that will be left in me.
Track Name: Don't Let Fox Lake Kill You, Joey
Don't Let Fox Lake Kill You, Joey

"I miss the Mountains in Boulder, Colorado." We took those Tennessee turnpike highways. I Packed my bag and took my chances on this open road U.S.

Since then I've grown some newborn feelings in this burn out body that makes me feel sure. This is exactly what I was looking for. But thats not what they tell me. Sometimes I wish these 20 hour night drives would never end, just three lost friends and an open road with one lit headlight. All the questions you spend wondering the answers to at night. They will come to you kid, you'll never be the same again. The Fourth avenue and Broadway talk doesn't mean shit to me. I've got my own beliefs and I'm doing well running in alley ways, hunting down what ever is left in me. Its hard to let go of somethings when you know their never coming back. I left my heart and memories on that highway, with open roads.
Track Name: White Rabbit
White Rabbit

These thoughts surrender me to a place I cannot imagine, trapped behind these eyes I may never waken from. Alone I stood in this parade, your ghosts rose from sidewalk grain, and for a second I thought our lives could change but I ran away. If we can make our purpose why not catch ourselves? Before the smoke from bridges burnt is too much to cough out. Hear me now! All I could remember was I hit the stairs running and I couldn't stop it. Our hands became locked and enchanted, running through the streets at the last second. If we don't make it out when this building crumbles down wait for me because… I can make my purpose and I can catch myself before the smoke from bridges burnt is too much to cough out. Hear me now! So don't you fall tonight. Cause if you fall tonight…How the fuck could I move on? This City seems familiar as if I've felt this time before. Now the streets are quiet…almost lifeless, floating ashes of the memories we once formed.
Track Name: Standstill

Well it seems I'm caught in quite a mess here. I can't get out or get over my fear. Damn me for falling into this. Damn me, just leave me, maybe I deserve this. I deserve this.
Awake for nights on end, this head considering calling it quits again. But my heart makes sure this desires still burns, decisions firm. Just breath again. Don't fold your hands to such low demands. We still have a chance. Thats not how I was raised and I'm not half the shit you claim. So forsake me if you must cause I'm just not ready to give myself up. Whatever is left of this magical wonder I will guard until the end. Mistakes I've made I tried to mend, but they got me here in the end, so it was worth it. Whats the point in trying when your just half hearted. Well I'm not. So give up on me, giving up. The standstill at the midnight crossing is just temptation at its finest, guiding me to the rails I should've been hopping. But now I'm stuck here for another year, still just searching still not happy…

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